Moonlight Lake

    Created and Produced by Thorne Drwal

    Join Edlen and friends to Save Moonlight Lake from a destructive Storm!

    This Game is a Visual Novel made in Tyranobuilder. It is a story where you're choices in how you treat people affect the ending of the game (there are two endings). As long as you're there for others, they will be there for you.

    This is a student Project and isn't completely finished. The current story will be longer and there will be another path to the story with new characters and experiences.

    First Time Download: About 2 minutes

    Play Time: About 15 minutes


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    I was really curious about how the game ended, so I had to play it! The style gives the game a really unique feel and I love the music! You did a really great job!

    Thanks! I appreciate it!

    I loved every second of this playthrough - the art was stunning, everything just flows and fits so well together - you have created something that is unique in its tone and atmosphere, and the different objects withing this game are effortlessly combined. Well done, Thorne!

    Thank you!